Ayaguide.com was created with the intent of being your one-stop shop when it comes to information on ayahuasca retreat centers and shamans. When it comes time to choose where and with whom to drink ayahuasca, which can have enormous cathartic and life-changing power, we want people to make an informed decision. It is important that they do research on both the shaman and the retreat center they intend on visiting.

 The quintessential Ayahuasca experience probably cannot be fully realized outside the natural and cultural environment of the jungle. The reason is simple...all the inherently natural organic and cultural links are present. In 2012, 250,000 visitors traveled through Iquitos alone, not to mention other ayahuasca destinations. So we believe a lot of people can benefit from the sharing of useful, unbiased information.

When we did our first retreat in Peru, we researched around and there was not one place on the net where you could find compiled information about these journeys. Even though there were plenty of websites, most of them were from the retreat centers themselves, where we could not find unbiased reviews and information.

Even though our experience in Peru was great, we have heard many horror stories from people who get scammed or taken advantage of in many levels.

We want your ayahuasca journey to be safe, healing and amazing like ours.

Your journey begins here. So research on!

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