Physical Effects

The physical effects of Ayahuasca are triggered by, and depend on, the composition of the mixture and the ingested dose. Normally, one who takes the bew will be initially affected by a strong feeling of nausea, which can induce vomiting. Indigenous peoples consider these side-effect as medium of cleaning to achieve the right state of purity, before encountering the spirits or gods of nature. In the process, the body is cleansed so the results of taking Ayahuasca can be optimized.

Other physical effects caused by the substance may be mild shaking of the body, chills and heat, profuse sweating, dizziness and a slight increase in blood pressure and heart rate etc. There are no documented cases of overdose deaths, but allergic reactions to substances cannot be excluded.

Continued usage of Ayahuasca will not cause any long-term effects on the physical health of those who consume it, besides healing. Also, they will not get addicted to the substance. However, it is advisable to consume the substance under the supervision of an experienced and trained Amazonian Shaman. There are various studies that show that Ayahuasca is an excellent remedy for disorders of depression, anxiety and addiction.

Mental effects, Experiences and Visions

Ayahuasca contains powerful hallucinogenic substances such as alkaloids which can cause the most profound of all psychedelic experiences possible. The use of different plants mixed together can vary the effects, but the main sensation that is felt during these sessions is that of “visions”. The experiences are described as dreamlike visual sequences that include the demonstration of helpers (of nature) spiritual, demonic creatures, deities and a lot of different animals. Some come to appreciate visual sequences of floating fractals and geometric patterns and / or feel the incredible sensation of flying. There are still other cases in which people believe they can see the remote objects (remote viewing), and clearly go so far as to foresee future events.

Physical discomfort is common and one often is besieged by inescapable images and thoughts of matters and issues one would prefer to avoid. This forced confrontation brings catharsis, and eventually closure to many of the psychological burdens most of us carry with us in our lives.

 One who ingests ayahuasca experiences, literally, a totally different world than the reality to which they are accustomed to, which allows them to achieve a state of divinity and to visit unimaginable places, such as heaven or hell. There are cases in which people claim to have a near-death experience.

The visions usually reflect the ideas, thoughts, worries and opinions that are often locked in the subconscious of an individual. Under the effect of the brew, people are able to access their subconscious and get a better insight into their lives and personalities.

Because each person is different, visions that one can encounter after consuming this magical tea can be very different as well. Some people find these visions confusing or chaotic, while others find them insightful and peaceful. In most cases, they can be very intense and can help people find harmony within their subconscious. These visions help people to reflect on their life as a whole, showing people the steps they can take to change what needs to be changed in their lives, guiding them on the path to achieve their goals in life, whether material or spiritual. People who have consumed the brew with an intention to achieve spiritual enlightenment, often have claimed that the experience helped them to be ‘closer to God’.

Even though the visions and experiences of people have been quite different, certain common traits have been found in all of these visions. Most people have described their visions as spiritual and insightful. Some people also claimed being able to communicate with nature and the spirit that guides plants and animals, helping them to live in harmony with nature.

The Ayahuasca often will induce reflections, insights and ideas. Many a times it has happened that people who have consumed the brew with questions in their minds, claimed to have found answers to their questions and solutions to their problems after the ceremony was over.

Even many atheists or non-believers, who have consumed the brew, have claimed that it has allowed them to understand the true nature of their existence and the purpose of life in general. Ayahuasca visions certainly differ from one person to the other and they are often dependant on the amount of the brew consumed by the individual. Some individuals have reported that the brew helped them because they became more open-minded and accepted new ideas in their personal and professional lives.

The unique nature of these visions is that, they allow people to dream, without having to sleep, with open eyes. Ayahuasca helps individuals to communicate with their souls, enabling a more harmonious relationship between the often disconnected body and soul.    

Those familiar with Ayahuasca know that the lasting benefits begin to unfold after the immediate and most profound effects of the drink have passed. For days, weeks and months afterward, the blessings of Ayahuasca will be received, one step at a time, if one is receptive and attentive to the life lessons revealed. These blessings manifest in many ways, specific to the varied human needs presented to the medicine.

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