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The mother vine- La Madrecita- called, we answered…both in our own way, from our own place, and the results have been nothing short of miraculous.

The founders of this website met in Iquitos Peru and bonded in the jungle, sharing bits and pieces of deep pain and joy from our lives and finding the common ground of unconditional love and friendship. We are sisters.

When we returned, we knew that together we would find a shared purpose and create a business that would focus on simplicity and true happiness rather than predatory profiteering.

AyaGuide.Com was created with a passionate, two-fold mission:

1.) There was no central place collecting these niche tourism resources, putting spiritual travelers at risk for being swindled and abused, -and-

2.)  Anyone advancing jungle tourism has an pressing moral and ethical obligation give back to the community and to support and promote ecological preservation and sustainability with equal passion and dedication.

It is from this place of respect and heartfelt gratitude that we bring you AyaGuide.Com. We welcome you to the community with open arms and open hearts. We also encourage you to carefully consider the real value of expanding your spiritual consciousness and heal past emotional hurts and traumas, giving back to the planet and to the communities you visit.

We wish you a beautiful journey and meaningful, life-altering integration


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