Ayahuasca is becoming increasingly mainstream; In a world of individuality and a sense of separation and isolation The Vine is reaching out to individuals all over the planet and reminding us that we are all connected and a part of one giant, living organism.  We are one, and we have an obligation to care for one another and the environment with universal love and compassion.

AyaGuide.Com's VISION is threefold:

  1. AyaGuide.Com is a review website focused on traditional healers, retreat centers, and tours.  We believe in sharing of information, experiences, and wisdom.  We hope that the open exchange of this information will result in increased positive experiences, safety, and accountability.  
  2. AyaGuide.Com is a comprehensive plant medicine travel resource and point-of-connection for likeminded individuals to make connectons and maintain connections to other travelers.  We want to help prepare you for safe, smooth, and productive travel to South America.
  3. AyaGuide.Com is passionate about conscientious, eco-friendly, sustainable spirituality tourism.  We hope to achieve this by networking with organizations who support this mission, providing education and encouraging charitable giving in The Amazon, and by connecting individuals who want to include philanthropy in their journeys through volunteerism.  


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