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The trip starts with a journey on the big boat (about 12 hours into the Amazon River). That journey is nothing short of amazing! What a cool experience! You will never see the starts so bight! It is late at night, during this trip, that you really realize you have left civilization and that you are off the grid! Around 3 AM you will arrive at Jenaro Herrera, a little jungle village. After resting a bit, around 8 AM, you take the little boat (peque-peque) for another 3 hours until you reach the camp.

The camp, locate up the Ucayaco River, is a no-frills place, but it is really cool and it gives you the real experience of being deep int the jungle! We slept in cabins, bathed in the river (as there is no running water) and ate jungle food (such as majas-jungle rodent- soup, cooked plantains, rice etc).

We did really cool activities, such as walks in the jungle to learn about all sorts of medicinal plantsa, night boat trips to spot animals and a hike to the marsh to see the famous victoria-regia plant.

We did other medicines too, like Sapo (Kambo) and Nunu. Sapo-Kambo is the secretion of a bright green tree frog called the Phyllomedusa bicolor. It is a venom which is applied directly an open wound on your skin. I found the Sapo to be an amazing medicine! After the initial discomfort caused by the medicine was over, I felt very energertic and well overall.

At some point during that week met the Matses natives, shot bows and arrows with the Matse men and bought crafts from the woman.

I highly recommend the deep jungle intensive with Peter Gorman! You will never be the same after this experience!


1. When in Jenaro Herrera, make sure to buy the bufallo cheese which is locally made and sold by little children from the village.

2. Bring a citronella candle to burn in your room during the night as it helps with the bugs. Deet 99% is a must, and so is mosquito head-net to wear during ceremonies. This is the deep, deep jungle experience and bugs are a natural part of it!

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